Spanning across Cellular, Satellite and Defence markets, our freely downloadable studies showcase the results possible from implementing AccelerComm technology in specific industries where network performance is being pushed to the limit.

These use cases explain the industry scenario/model for the study and show the impact of AccelerComm physical layer algorithms on this model, together with the resultant OPEX/CAPEX savings.

Smart Ports Use Case


Building the sustainable smart port of the future

By introducing 5G technology into processes and ecosystems, the Hamburg Smart Sea Port testbed implements real-time control and monitoring using always connected sensors and devices. From applications such as automated ground vehicles (AGVs) and remote-controlled cranes, to CCTV cameras, body worn cameras, sensors for equipment, shipment, and environmental data - that's a lot of data to send over wireless networks all day, every day.


Smart Factory Use Case

use-case-smart-factory-coverBuilding the connected factory of the future

In factory environments, mobile robots interact with each other and with operators, and are used to execute multiple operations – assistance in work steps, collaboration with other robots and transport of goods, materials and other objects. The mobile robots in this example contain two cameras, one for continuous high-definition video stream to a remote controller and a second one, which sends a video stream or image in predefined positions or actions. This is high network demand requiring high reliability.


Cellular and Satellite Use Case



LDPC for high performance applications

AccelerComm’s advanced channel coding solutions achieve market leading performance in terms of error rates and efficiency to maximise overall system performance. We have developed advanced LDPC solutions specifically for a wide range of high performance communication systems.


Further information

AccelerComm offers complete physical layer solutions for high performance networks. Here's why you should work with us:

  • We have unrivalled efficiency and serve more users, to go further, faster
  • Our products have optimal configruability, offering differentiation through flexible software-configurable 5G networks
  • We are research-led with deep knowledge and technical excellence. 20% of our staff are PhD research fellows
  • With more than 30 wireless accelerator products and 50+ granted and pending patents, we are reliably ahead

PUSCH Equalizer

Our 5G PUSCH Channel Equalizer Module offers a complete high-performance 3GPP compliant PUSCH channel for a gNB, doubles spectral efficiency, enables significant improvements in O-RAN network performance.

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Our configurable LDPC solution offers an encoder and decoder with multiple algorithm support for optimal BLER performance, maximizing spectral efficiency.



Our LEOphy is a complete high PHY solution that minimizes BLER and power for 5G satellites and has been optimized to deliver maximum flexibility and reliability for more efficient 5G satellite communications.


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We are transforming the next generation of wireless communications with innovative, world-leading IP that delivers ultra-high performance and error resilient 5G. Let’s connect to discuss how our physical layer solutions can help your business thrive today and into the future.

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