AccelerComm have developed an enhanced PUSCH channel that significantly improves spectral efficiency and dB gain. This dB gain can result in a significant reduction in cost per bit and higher quality of service for a given network.

Combining our advanced Channel Equalizer IP with QAM demapper, LDPC decoding, AccelerComm have created a complete high-performance 3GPP-compliant Physical Uplink Shared Channel (PUSCH) channel accelerator for a gNB. To demonstrate the technical capability and benchmark the performance within your own simulation environment, the PUSCH Equalizer End-to-End Matlab models are now available for download to perform simulations.

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This demo is capable of measuring the throughput of the 3GPP 5G NR Physical Uplink Shared Channel (PUSCH) when using the AccelerComm PUSCH Equalizer and a benchmarker from an industry-standard toolkit. More specifically, this simulation compares the throughput achieved by two sets of receiver components, where the first adopts the AccelerComm equalizer, QAM demapper and LDPC decoder components while the second adopts the corresponding components from the Matlab toolkit. A set of simulation parameters can be configured to emulate various uplink transmission systems with one UE and two interferers, including the number of frames, resource grid size, number of spatial streams, MIMO layers, the number of transmitting antenna elements and receiving antenna elements, etc.


gNodeB PHY Diagram

System Simulation Diagram

In the following example a Throughput vs SINR plot is generated by the simulation. This corresponds to 4x transmission MIMO layers, 4x UE spatial streams, 4x gNodeB spatial streams, 256QAM modulation and low code rate for numerology 0. The plot measures and compares the throughput, where 100% throughput represents HARQ processes succeeding during the first transmission, with no need for any HARQ retransmissions. It can be seen that up to 5 dB gain can be observed in the low SINR range.


defaultSettings_NFrame8Throughput vs SINR Performance Comparison

5G NR Features in this demo

In addition to the equalizer, QAM demapper and LDPC decoder, a number of 5G NR features are included in this demo, including:

  • UL-SCH transport block generation
  • LDPC transport block encoding with configurable coding rate
  • Scrambling and QAM modulation with configurable modulation order
  • Codebook-based pre-coding with configurable TPMI
  • RE mapping with configurable numerology and resource allocation
  • OFDM modulation with either normal or extended cyclic prefix
  • TDL and CDL propagation channel models
  • Configurable inter-cell interferers
  • Synchronisation and channel estimation
  • HARQ retransmission


In order to operate the demo, the following environment and tool support will be needed.

  • Linux
  • MathWorks® MATLAB® 2022a or later
  • MathWorks® 5G ToolboxTM and associated toolboxes (Communications ToolboxTM, DSP System ToolboxTM, Signal Processing ToolboxTM)

Product Information

For product introduction of AccelerComm PUSCH Equalizer and related downloads, please refer to the product page here.