Optimized AccelerCommTM channel coding IP is trusted world-wide to deliver low latency, and low power consumption in high throughput communication applications across Cellular, Defense and Satellite markets operating within 4G and 5G networks.

Our unique design approach provides product flexibility and improves spectrum efficiency without compromising on performance. Time to market is greatly improved through the support of open standards and complete hardware and software reference solutions, future proofing your developments.

Let’s explore how our technology can provide benefits to your market.

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Improve spectral efficiency

Our channel coding solutions provide configurable architectures that result in the best BLER performance for a given application when considering area/performance/cost trade-offs.

Reduce network power

Using the very latest in AccelerComm™ integration techniques we are able to provide system power savings of up to 50% compared to early 5G deployments.

Increase battery life

Our configurable channel coding solutions can reduce the processing needed to decode your data, thereby reducing battery loading and increasing battery life.

Reduce your handset BOM

Our decoding solution has very low latency, freeing up time for the other parts of the processing, enabling them to be completed with a smaller chip area – translating into lower cost handsets.

Create synergies with 4G and 5G networks

Our Turbo decoding solution is fully compatible with all previous Turbo encoding/decoding solutions. 4.5G solutions use parallel turbo decoders, causing long latency. Our solution has very low latency, which provides more time for other parts of the processing, allowing them to be completed consuming less power. Our Polar and LDPC implementations are also 3GPP compliant chains for 5G NR.

Improve video playback

Our optimized decoding solution can support throughput at 5G levels, allowing opportunistic forward buffering when the channel conditions are favorable, giving a better user experience.

Remove App delays and glitches

Our Turbo decoding solution has reduced latency by 10X over 4G requirements, meaning glitches, delays and interruptions when playing games or using Apps can be a thing of the past. LDPC can be configured to support higher numerologies and faster latency response in high-performance 5G networks.

Operators - increase your ARPU and capacity

By using our compliant decoding solution, we can execute the decoding faster (lower latency). Our Turbo decoding solution can increase the performance of your 4G / 4.5G equipment by supporting 5G throughput in the same space, driving higher ARPU and delaying CAPEX. Our patented 3GPP compliant Polar and LDPC software creates maximum flexibility and high performance with a lower cost.

Get 3GPP compliant quickly

Did 3GPP's decision on 5G NR control channel coding scheme catch you out? We have encode and decode IP solutions for 5G NR ready for integration, our 5G solutions are available as Software only, ASIC and FPGA deliverables.

Base station OEMs - reduce your costs by over 10%

A base station developed using our Polar, Turbo and LDPC decoding solutions, will not only have higher throughput, lower latency and more flexibility than other solutions, it will also decrease the complexity of the devices in which it is used. A typical system could spend 40% of the time decoding the data channel.

Improve error correction strength over long transmission ranges

Our Polar and LDPC decoders are fully flexible and can be optimized to give stronger error correction performance.

Reduce power consumption

Our systems are all designed for ultra-low power usage with configurable area/performance/power optimization parameters.

Simplify aggregating data from multiple sources

Our decoders have very high throughput without having to run multiple decoders in parallel, this can simplify data aggregation.

Reduce chip area

Our patents enable decoder implementations to have much better hardware performance over alternative decoders.

Stronger error correction

Our Turbo, LDPC and Polar decoders can be optimized using proprietary parameters to maximize power - performance trade-off to provide better error correction

Improved download performance

The very high throughput of all our decoders negates the need to interface parallel decoders, this can have a big impact on your download performance

Ensure immediate response from autonomous vehicles

When trying to control autonomous systems or vehicles, minimizing latency is critical to the user experience and to ensure immediate response. Our Turbo decoder has sub 1µs latency and our Polar and LDPC solutions support URLLC requirements for 5G without introducing error floors.

Reduce power (chip area)

Our decoder’s low latency releases more latency budget for other parts of the system, which can be reduced in area (and consequently power). We can design decoders targeted at your specific requirements and by removing flexibility, minimize area and massively reduce power.

Our products

To set new benchmarks in high-performance, innovative and increasingly complex channel coding algorithms are required. So, our products are constantly evolving and are always fully standards compliant, whilst remaining flexible for non-standards-based solutions too.



Our complete pre integrated PxSCH IP solution simplifies the design of a high performance gNB and is highly configurable, offering very low latency, device area savings and easy integration

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ldpc product


Our configurable LDPC complete encode and decoder solution offers multiple LDPC algorithm support for optimal BLER performance. Therefore, improving spectral efficiency.

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polar product


Our configurable Polar architecture is designed to provide excellent error correction performance within the minimum area. Providing superior hardware efficiency and reduced latency.

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