Optimized AccelerComm®️ physical layer IP is trusted world-wide to deliver high performance and low power consumption in high throughput communication applications across 5G Terrestrial and Non-Terrestrial markets.

Our unique design approach provides product flexibility and improves spectrum efficiency without compromising on performance. Time to market is greatly improved through the support of open standards and complete hardware and software reference solutions, future proofing your developments.

Let’s explore how our technology can provide benefits to your market.

Leading edge performance to extract maximum value out of your 5G radio network

Maximise the value of your Radio Access Network (RAN):

  • Innovative channel coding and signal processing solutions to maximise performance and reduce power consumption.
  • Scalable modular IP delivers solutions from private networks to large-scale cloud RAN.
  • Patented algorithms minimize latency and maximize capacity of the network to deliver the best user experience.

Flexible physical layer IP solutions for resilient low-power commercial and defense applications

Deliver high performance with configurable low power physical layer IP:

  • Complete physical layer IP solutions, with field-proven implementation on space hardened platforms.
  • Ultra-low power consumption with configurable area/performance/power to match satellite SWaP (Size Weight and Power) requirements.
  • Pioneering solutions that address the specific challenges of satellite links.

Our products


To set new benchmarks in high-performance, innovative and increasingly complex channel coding algorithms are required. So, our products are constantly evolving and are always fully standards compliant, whilst remaining flexible for non-standards-based solutions too.


PUSCH Equalizer

Our 5G PUSCH Channel Equalizer Module offers a complete high-performance 3GPP compliant PUSCH channel for a gNB, doubles spectral efficiency, enables significant improvements in O-RAN network performance.

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ldpc product


Our configurable LDPC complete encode and decoder solution offers multiple LDPC algorithm support for optimal BLER performance. Therefore, improving spectral efficiency.

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Our LEOphy is a complete high PHY solution that minimizes BLER and power for 5G satellites and has been optimized to deliver maximum flexibility and reliability for more efficient 5G satellite communications.

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Technical challenges for 5G satellites

Discover the key features and benefits of our LEOphy L1 solution and how it enables more efficient 5G satellite communication.

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