• Accelercomm delivers

    Advanced 5G L1 Software Defined Radio for high-performance satellite networks

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  • Accelercomm delivers

    High Performance 5G IP for vRAN with software only, FPGA or ASIC accelerated solutions

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  • Accelercomm delivers

    3GPP compliant Polar & LDPC channel coding solutions for 5G NR

    Our Products
  • Accelercomm delivers

    3GPP compliant channel coding and equalization, halving the costs of spectrum and power in 5G wireless systems

    Our Products

What we do


AccelerComm provides 5G high-performance software defined radio (SDR) and advanced intellectual property (IP). For use in wireless communications networks, which rely on advanced signal processing techniques for error correction, equalisation and channel estimation.

We supercharge these networks by delivering solutions that increase throughput and reduce latency whilst consuming fewer hardware resources and less power. Our IP is ready for the radio networks of the future and can be realized as software, in programmable logic (FPGA) or custom silicon (ASIC) hardware acceleration.

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Why we do it


Cellular, Satellite, Defense, wherever network performance is being pushed to the limit we partner with our customers to help them succeed. Every network environment is different, and by optimizing the configuration of our flexible IP to those specific requirements we deliver significant benefits over traditional solutions. Our configurable products include solutions for regenerative satellite, ground stations, basestations and user equipment which are 5G compliant requiring high performance or low latency.


What makes us different?

Our research driven approach uniquely positions us to bring the latest 5G innovations and algorithms to the practical challenges of implementing the latest wireless standards. By configuring our off the shelf solutions and tuning the algorithms to specific requirements we can typically realize several dB of performance gain, which can translate to a signifcant power saving or increase in link capacity. Our products come complete with the reference kits and test benches to enable them to be quickly integrated into end designs. Further advanced equalization algorithms can provide additional gain greater than 3dB dependant upon deployment scenarios.

Despite their cutting-edge technology, our products are proven in a range of applications including:

  • Satellite broadband
  • Private Network deployments
  • High Performance vRAN acceleration
  • User Equipment
  • 5G in market test equipment

Our Story


AccelerComm is providing us with Acceleration IP on our Telco Accelerator cards. They are an excellent partner. The one thing I can tell you about AccelerComm, is the high quality of their products. The out of the box experience has always been superb.

Very professionally done, very professional team, easy to work with. They’re great partners.

Raghu M Rao, Director - Wired and Wireless Communications Group AMD

AccelerComm has been a key partner in providing that flexibility in order to meet the performance requirements we need for our customers.

The relationship has been excellent. Because of the nature of our business, where we customise our solutions very specifically for our customers, there’s been a lot of engineering back and forth between ourselves and AccelerComm. And so quite often, we will need to tailor both their and our solutions to the specific requirements of a given customer.

Paul Sutton, CEO - Software Radio Systems

AccelerComm is a great partner of ours. We deliver together the IP for the FPGAs. They deliver, they support us and create for us opportunities in the market.

We love Rob. B. He is supporting us with both opportunities and technologically. So a great experience and great company to work with.

Oren Benisty, EVP Strategic Sales - Silicom

Our products

Our products are constantly evolving and are always fully standards compliant, whilst remaining flexible for non-standards-based solutions too. They are available in Software, FPGA or ASIC to deliver market leading performance, complete with supporting reference kits and test benches to enable rapid integration.


PUSCH Equalizer

Our 5G PUSCH Channel Equalizer Module offers a complete high-performance 3GPP compliant PUSCH channel for a gNB, doubles spectral efficiency, enables significant improvements in O-RAN network performance.

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ldpc product


Our configurable LDPC solution offers an encoder and decoder with multiple algorithm support for optimal BLER performance, maximizing spectral efficiency.

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Our LEOphy is a complete high PHY solution that minimizes BLER and power for 5G satellites and has been optimized to deliver maximum flexibility and reliability for more efficient 5G satellite communications.

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