3GPP compliant coding and modulation for Physical Shared Channels

The Physical Uplink Shared Channel (PUSCH) is used to for uplink data which is shared from the user to the gNB on time and frequency. This channel contains, uplink user data and higher layer control messages. The PUSCH channel needs to be designed with flexibility in mind to support various modulation and coding schemes dependant upon SNR. To support channel estimation and demodulation contains a DMRS reference signal. 

As part of the supported standard, AccelerComm have multiplexed uplink control information (UCI) as part of the PUSCH replacing the need for PUCCH transmission but this does require the inclusion of a polar decoder into the channel. 

AccelerComm’s PUSCH Decoder, provides Forward Error Correction (FEC) decoding capabilities along with the complete Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) demodulation functionality for uplink data processing in a gNB/base station.

  • They are implemented as per the latest 3GPP specifications and are compliant with TS 38.211 and 38.212.
  • The new QAM demodulator functionality complements the existing high performance AccelerComm LDPC and Polar decoder solutions.
  • Like all AccelerComm IP the LDPC, Polar decoder and demodulator is configurable to several different parallelisms to optimise the Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) of each integration.
  • Functions supported in the PUSCH Decoder IP are transport block CRC, desegmentation, code block CRC, LDPC decoding, Polar decoding, HARQ buffer, rate matching, deinterleaving, deconcatenation, demultiplexing, descrambling, demodulation

This is a high-level block diagram of the various functions within the PUSCH decoder.


  • The PUSCH Decoder product simplifies the creation of high performance 5G NR implementations.
  • PUSCH Decoder features the new QAM demapper, descrambler and demultiplexer.
  • These new functions are integrated with LDPC and Polar decoders, code block chain and transport block chain components.
  • USCH Decoder also allows for Uplink Control information (UCI) to be multiplexed onto the PUSCH. The complicated implementation of UCI over PUSCH is part of this AccelerComm product and helps with simpler integration on target devices. The tight AccelerComm integration leads to improved multiplexed UCI BLER for critical HARQ-ACK messages.


  • Complete implementation of the relevant 3GPP standard
  • Improved BLER for UCI control data
  • Pre integrated with AccelerComm LDPC and Polar decoders chains and inherits all the benefits from these
  • Single control interface
  • Supported across FPGA and ASIC platforms
  • Highly configurable for a wide range of base station (gNB) applications
  • Configurable to support maximum throughputs and minimum timing requirements for all numerologies
  • Very low latency – meets strictest requirements for uRLLC
  • Efficient design – saves device area
  • Easy to integrate using industry standard AXI interfaces


Functional specifics

The figure below shows the functionality within the product, implemented as per the referenced 3GPP specifications.

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5G PDSCH Encoder & PUSCH Decoder Product Overview Brochure

5G PDSCH Encoder & PUSCH Decoder Product Overview

Key features and benefits of our PxSCH product for 3GPP compliant coding and modulation for Psychical Shared Channels.

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