LEOphy is a complete high PHY solution that minimizes BLER and power for 5G satellites

As the wireless telecommunication industry evolves to become open, virtualized and disaggregated, there is an increased need for interoperable solutions to cater to the expanding ecosystem.

Constellations of 5G satellites can play a vital role in completing the technology and connectivity ecosystem needed for automation and IoT adoption, and are being used to address critical connectivity challenges, such as data speed and coverage limitations for several important applications such as remote sensing, video surveillance, UAVs and drones, geo-positioning, backhaul solutions, and general data connectivity.

  • AccelerComm® LEOphy is an optimized Split 6 RU High PHY implementation that can be integrated with a Low PHY to provide a complete in-line 5G NR L1.
  • The reference system has been tested for conformance on a 3rd party development board and partner low phy with the L1 protocol stack executing software on embedded arm cores and performance critical accelerator blocks provided in rtl.
  • The power-efficient LEOphy solution has been optimized to deliver maximum flexibility and reliability to enable more efficient 5G satellite communications, boasting the lowest error rates while also consuming less power than competing products.

As a result it ensures a high-reliability link without having to resort to higher coding rates and low modulation schemes, thereby maximizing spectral efficiency, particularly important in satellites where channel capacity is highly constrained, compared to terrestrial networks. 

Diagram by AccelerComm to explain the technical aspects of 5G NR L1.


Hybrid networks

A hybrid network combines satellite communications with terrestrial networks to provide seamless wireless coverage to users. In addition to the traditional thought of solving last mile problem, a hybrid system enhances rural and remote connectivity (takes us closer to global coverage), serves as a backhaul option and provides additional redundancy. 3GPP R17 advances work on Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTNs) and provides functions for interworking. 

Diagram by AccelerComm to explain Hybrid Networks

RAN components

5G network elements from a functional split perspective, are made of Radio Units (RU), Distributed Units (DU) and Control Units (CU). Based on deployment methods, these could be distributed, centralized and virtualized.

Diagram by AccelerComm to explain Ran Components.

Solution description

Diagram by AccelerComm to explain the technical aspectsoof Downlink and Uplink for Control and Data PHY channels.

The solution includes both Downlink and Uplink for Control and Data PHY channels, providing the functionality of channel estimation, MIMO equalisation, QAM modulation/demodulation, along with the high-performance AccelerComm™ LDPC channel coding. The high-level block diagram below shows the various functions of the LEOphy solution.

Diagram by AccelerComm to explain the technical aspectsoof Downlink and Uplink for Control and Data PHY channels.


The AccelerComm™ LEOphy solution provides the following benefits to Satellite vendors:

  • Complete implementation as per 3GPP
    standards and O-RAN SCF specifications.
  • A full Layer 1 PHY designed and developed
    by AccelerComm™ using a mixture of
    hardware and software optimized to meet
    the needs of satellite vendors.
  • Openly Licensable.
  • Pre-integrated with AccelerComm™ LDPC
    and Polar encoder/decoder chains and
    inherits all the benefits from these highly
    performant products.
  • Minimize error floors to almost completely
    avoid retransmissions that present
    a particular challenge to satellite
  • Configurable to support maximum
    throughputs and minimum timing
    requirements for all numerologies.
  • Efficient design that saves device area
    and power.
  • Easy to integrate using industry standard
    AXI interfaces.
  • Critical performance algorithms
    implemented in hardware and maximum
    flexibility through optimised arm code
    running on A53’s.
  • Fully tested for conformance to the 3GPP

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Technical challenges for 5G satellites

Discover the key features and benefits of our LEOphy L1 solution and how it enables more efficient 5G satellite communication.

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