Company Overview

AccelerComm is an exciting semiconductor IP company that provides Forward Error Correction (FEC) or channel coding solutions to accelerate the next generations of wireless communications.

Our technology solves the challenges that would otherwise limit the speed of next generation wireless communication, namely the error correction decoding that is required to overcome the effects of noise, interference and poor signal strength. Channel coding theory describes how to achieve error resilient digital communication...

Our Vision 

Our vision is to deliver innovative, groundbreaking technology that enables ultra high performance error resilient digital communications. We will strive to work with industry bodies, research institutions and customers to ensure the best algorithms are selected and we develop IP optimal in performance for any given communication system.

The Mission

The Mission is to be the number one supplier of channel coding solutions in communication systems. We will achieve this by supplying best in class technology, measured in terms of throughput, latency and efficiency (size / energy) utilizing an IP Licensing business model.

Having selected industry leaders for our management team, we will provide thought leadership with humility and in a professional manner, to drive open discussion ensuring future communication systems are based on the best possible technologies available.



Dr. Tom Cronk

Executive Chairman & CEO

Tom joined the Accelercomm team as Chairman in 2017, bringing commercial experience gained from 25yrs in the semiconductor industry. He is also CEO of ADP Semi Ltd and provides independent consulting services. 

Tom was with ARM Ltd for 17 years where he held key positions through the companies’ exciting growth periods. His roles included driving ARM processor use in wireless, as the digital cellular standards emerged and then later wider market adoption. He served as the General Manager of the Processor division through the development and deployment of the 64bit architecture products and was ultimately responsible for global commercial operations and product licensing. Tom has also worked in semiconductor distribution and prior to ARM for Hitachi Europe in their microcontroller business. 

Tom graduated with a BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and gained his doctorate in engineering from the University of Portsmouth in 1992, where he researched parallel digital signal processing techniques and their application to complex radar data.

Dr. Tom Cronk

Prof. Rob Maunder


Robert G. Maunder is an industry authority on channel coding, having gained his PhD in Wireless Communications in 2007 from the University of Southampton. He has published over 100 IEEE papers and resources on the holistic design of signal processing algorithms and hardware implementations for error correction decoders, including Turbo, LDPC and Polar decoders.

Rob’s research has reframed the industry debate around channel coding for 5G and significantly changed the direction of the 3GPP’s RAN1 working group. In spite of long-standing myths to the contrary, this work has shown that both turbo and polar decoders can benefit from arbitrarily high degrees of parallel processing, without compromising hardware efficiency. This has enabled significantly improved throughput and latency, without requiring excessing chip area or power consumption. This breakthrough has formed the foundation upon which AccelerComm Ltd has been built.

Prof. Rob Maunder

Dr. Taihai Chen


Having completed his doctorate at Southampton University in 2015, Taihai joined Dr. Rob Maunder’s research team to focus on exploring enterprise opportunities in highly-parallel algorithms and architectures for high-throughput wireless receivers which was the foundation for AccelerComm.

Taihai started his career as an Early Career Researcher and is now a Director and IC Design Engineer at AccelerComm. He has published several papers in IEEE journals and conferences and was selected to present their technology at SET for Britain at the House of Commons in March 2016.

Dr. Taihai Chen

Robert Barnes

VP Sales & Marketing

Robert Barnes is an experienced commercial executive with over 20 years working in advanced technology business, including ARM and Oracle. Robert more recently founded Magicbox Technology a digital vault and privacy management business. 

Robert believes with a growing remote consumer lifestyle, radio technology and error correction will become a key solution to solving communication problems in a demanding power, performance and spectrum budget. He has worked at executive level, globally for semiconductor and enterprise in IoT and mobile industries. A driver of product strategy with a deep understanding of technology mapped to customers requirements and the overall impact on the business. 

Robert graduated with a BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and gained his MBA from the University of Warwick.

Robert Barnes
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Organisations we work with


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