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AccelerCommTM  was founded by Rob Maunder; whose vision during his tenure as a professor at Southampton University, was to establish a company centered around his wireless communications PhD research team. Since its inception, AccelerCommTM  has been dedicated to advancing the field of wireless communications and today we continue to grow our UK based centre of excellence - our hub for semiconductor IP development.

Our purpose is to deliver innovative, ground-breaking technology to enable cost effective, market leading digital communications that achieve robust, error resilient, ultra-high performance. AccelerComm'sTM commitment to excellence is driven by our vision to accelerate the development of the next generation of wireless communications worldwide.

Our patented, market-leading IP products and solutions for 4G and 5G are configurable for quick, high-performance implementations across a wide range of applications across Cellular, Defense and Satellite markets. Our channel coding (or Forward Error Correction (FEC)) solutions overcome the effects of noise, interference and poor signal strength that would otherwise limit the speed of wireless communication. We do this by providing thought leadership, working closely with industry bodies, research institutions and customers to ensure the best algorithms are selected and that we develop IP that’s optimal in performance for any given communication system.

As 5G NR channel coding experts, it’s our vision to become the number one supplier of channel coding, demodulation and channel estimation solutions. Through our dedication to delivering best-in-class hardware and software technology, we aim to provide unmatched performance in terms of throughput, latency, and efficiency at the system level. As we continue to grow, we are committed to propelling the evolution of 5G, Signal Processing IP, and other wireless communication technologies across the globe.


AccelerComm is providing us with Acceleration IP on our Telco Accelerator cards. They are an excellent partner. The one thing I can tell you about AccelerComm is the high quality of their products. The out of the box experience has always been superb.

Very professionally done, very professional team, easy to work with. They’re great partners.

Raghu M Rao, Director - Wired and Wireless Communications Group AMD

AccelerComm has been a key partner in providing that flexibility in order to meet the performance requirements we need for our customers.

The relationship has been excellent. Because of the nature of our business, where we customise our solutions very specifically for our customers, there’s been a lot of engineering back and forth between ourselves and AccelerComm. And so quite often, we will need to tailor both their and our solutions to the specific requirements of a given customer.

Paul Sutton, CEO - Software Radio Systems

AccelerComm is a great partner of ours. We deliver together the IP for the FPGAs. They deliver, they support us and create for us opportunities in the market.

We love Rob. B. He is supporting us with both opportunities and technologically. So a great experience and a great company to work with.

Oren Benisty, EVP Strategic Sales - Silicom

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Our leaders

Tom joined the team as Chairman in 2017, bringing commercial experience gained from 25yrs in the semiconductor industry. He is also CEO of ADP Semi Ltd and provides independent consulting services.

Tom was with ARM Ltd for 17 years where he held key positions through the companies’ exciting growth periods. His roles included driving ARM processor use in wireless, as the digital cellular standards emerged and then later wider market adoption. He served as the General Manager of the Processor division through the development and deployment of the 64bit architecture products and was ultimately responsible for global commercial operations and product licensing. Tom has also worked in semiconductor distribution and prior to ARM for Hitachi Europe in their microcontroller business.

Tom graduated with a BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and gained his doctorate in engineering from the University of Portsmouth in 1992, where he researched parallel digital signal processing techniques and their application to complex radar data.

Rob is an industry authority on channel coding, having gained his PhD in Wireless Communications in 2007 from the University of Southampton. He has published over 100 IEEE papers and resources on the holistic design of signal processing algorithms and hardware implementations for error correction decoders, including Turbo, LDPC and Polar decoders.

Rob’s research has reframed the industry debate around channel coding for 5G and significantly changed the direction of the 3GPP’s RAN1 working group. In spite of long-standing myths to the contrary, this work has shown that both turbo and polar decoders can benefit from arbitrarily high degrees of parallel processing, without compromising hardware efficiency. This has enabled significantly improved throughput and latency, without requiring excessing chip area or power consumption. This breakthrough has formed the foundation upon which AccelerCommTM has been built.

Drew’s commercial experience spans over 34 years in the semiconductor industry working for both startups and multinational organisations. He worked at ARM for 12 years, initially in sales and then their licensing organisation where he became SVP Commercial Operations. 

His responsibilities in this role focussed on the management and development of all licensing business models and revenue growth plans for each of ARM’s business lines. Working for the world’s leading IP company provided a unique opportunity to work with many of the industry’s leading technology companies across all key segments and geographic regions; personally developing a wide commercial insight on what makes for a successful IP business.

Robert is an experienced commercial executive with over 20 years working in advanced technology business, including ARM and Oracle.

Robert believes with a growing remote consumer lifestyle, radio technology and error correction will become a key solution to solving communication problems in a demanding power, performance and spectrum budget. He has worked at executive level, globally for semiconductor and enterprise in IoT and mobile industries. A driver of product strategy with a deep understanding of technology mapped to customers requirements and the overall impact on the business.

Robert graduated with a BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and gained his MBA from the University of Warwick.

Based in the Bay Area, California, Stuart joins AccelerComm as VP North America. Stuart spent 17 years at ARM, leading Sales for EMEA, Asia and globally as SVP W.W Sales during ARM’s period of accelerated business and revenue growth.

For the last 4 years he has been working with Bay Area & European startups in the areas of Machine Learning, eMobility and semiconductors. Stuart is a Chartered Electrical & Electronic Engineer and has a BSc in Engineering from Portsmouth Polytechnic, England.

An experienced VP Engineer with 20+ years at arm focussing on hardware and software IP.  An engineering leader with considerable experience in the semiconductor, intellectual property and software sector. Experienced in partner and customer relationships; strategy development and implementation; managing and scaling cross-functional and geographically diverse engineering teams; mentoring and developing engineers.

Our investors

Our research, to drive the development of high-performing wireless communications in an increasingly connected world, attracts funding from companies invested in our success and gives us access to a greater network of experts. Our current investors are:

IQ Capital

Investing in many sectors including machine learning, AI, robotics, advanced engineering and materials as well as data-focused propositions based on disruptive algorithms, IQ Capital love nothing more than partnering with exceptional thought leaders to push the frontiers of deep-tech and help teams reach their global ambitions.

Bloc Ventures

With a seat on our board and founded by industry veterans from Arm Holdings and Vodafone, Bloc Ventures is a permanent venture capital company that is passionate about supporting and growing deep technology businesses across Europe.

IP Group

IP Group works closely with partner Universities to evolve great ideas into world-changing businesses. They achieve this by systematically helping to create, build and support outstanding intellectual property-based companies.

Memberships & certifications

To facilitate best practice, compliance and high performance, we work with and contribute to many organisations setting the standards for 5G and beyond.


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We are always on the lookout for top talent from within our sector to join our growing team. Please view our careers page and get in touch for a chat or to find out more about working with us.

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