• 5G NR Polar Code, available now!
  • 3GPP Compliant Turbo
    perfect for URLLC LTE
  • 3GPP Compliant Polar & LDPC
    For 5G NR
  • 10X Improvement in
    Latency & Throughput
    For 3GPP Turbo

AccelerComm specialises in optimised channel coding (also known as forward error correction) solutions for 4G LTE uRLLC and 5G NR providing up to 10x improvement in latency and throughput.

AccelerComm has patented encode and decode IP for 5G NR Polar chain, 5G NR LDPC chain and LTE A Pro or LTE uRLLC Turbo channel coding, offering ultra low latency and delivering 10x throughput and 10x latency improvement over existing products.  CONTACT US for further details.

This AccelerComm unique technology achieves unprecedented performance whilst laying down the technology foundation for future wireless applications and services.

In cellular networks spectrum and power are limited, improve efficiency and reduce per user connection costs in 4G and 5G networks with AccelerComm’s market leading IP.

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Our channel coding solutions support the flexibility for virtualised and upgradeable networks through software only and FPGA implementations.

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Lower the cost and power consumption of mass production infrastructure and user devices with optimised ASIC implementations targeting the latest process technology.

Market opportunities for improved FEC

Supporting uRLLC requirements for Automotive and IoT applications

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