Webinar on-demand: New architectures for O-RAN

This free, downloadable webinar considers the new architectures and technologies being agreed by O-RAN for optimising fronthaul traffic and performance of massive MIMO deployments.

Webinar on-demand



The O-RAN community is constantly considering new technologies and architectures that drive forward innovations in the 5G radio network and deliver best performance for any use case. There are some use cases where the best architecture is not always immediately obvious, with a need to balance various factors such as trade-offs in performance, complexity and cost. The current O-RAN 7-2a/b functional split provides a trade-off between uplink air interface performance, fronthaul bit rate and complexity.

This live recorded webinar, with AccelerComm's CTO Rob Maunder, Adtran's Simon Jack and host Mike Robuck of Mobile World Live, starts by introducing the challenges of the optical network that connects the 5G RAN together, and then goes into a detailed description of the enhancements being made by the O-RAN Uplink Performance Improvements, explaining the nature and size of the benefits to the optical network traffic.

Throughout the session, you will learn:

  • Market drivers, as seen from an optical connectivity vendor's perspective, such as trends in increasing fronthaul rates, optical technologies and operational challenges in upgrading networks
  • Overview of O-RAN functional splits, including details of 7-2a/b signal processing requirements
  • Problems with 7-2a/b for dense urban environments – such as fronthaul bandwidth, uplink beamforming performance
  • AccelerComm’s view of the O-RAN proposals for the new uplink performance improvement split, including a description of the different architecture options and their relative advantages and disadvantages
  • Use cases where 7-2a/b remains the best solution, and how to decide
  • Details of the company’s modular IP portfolio for O-RU and O-DU

If you would like to download the webinar recording and presentation, click the link below.


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