AccelerComm to Demonstrate 5G Physical Layer IP at MWC LV 2023

AccelerComm, the company supercharging 5G with a complete physical layer solution which increases spectral efficiency and reduces latency, announced that they will once again be attending and demonstrating live at MWC Las Vegas this year.

AccelerComm provides complete physical layer IP solutions which enable optimal performance of 5G radio access networks and solves the challenges that would otherwise limit the throughput, latency, and spectral efficiency of 5G, by mitigating the effects of noise, interference and poor signal strength. AccelerComm will be exhibiting on stand 820 in the Exhibition Hall at MWC Las Vegas 2023.

Please book a meeting or demo at the event using the link below. 


The live demonstrations will include:

  • NTN 5G Physical Layer: AccelerComm has implemented a complete 5G physical layer on a ZCU111 evaluation board. The L1 protocol stack executes on the embedded arm cores benefiting from using high-performance LDPC algorithms implemented in the FPGA fabric. This advanced LDPC algorithm enables higher quality of service (QoS) due to improved BLER performance, enabling increased receiver gains and no error floors, avoiding retransmissions. Which is particularly important for 5G network satellite applications.
  • MIMO equalisation demo: This shows that AccelerComm’s channel equaliser can double the average cell spectral efficiency reducing cost per bit, which in turn brings an improvement in network performance and results in a large potential reduction in the required number of sites (and hence power) required to provide coverage.
  • Matlab 5G toolkit solution: AccelerComm has implemented a solution in the Matlab 5G toolkit that enables the comparison of a standard Matlab PUSCH channel against the advanced PUSCH Equaliser channel. This shows the dB gain for your given scenario using the parameter inputs of Matlab
  • O-RAN compliant AAL LDPC acceleration: Look-aside accelerator with 16 Gbps of throughput using the O-RAN Acceleration Abstraction Layer (AAL) interface, and with support for multiple L1 solutions

Please book a meeting or demo at the event using the link below. 


We look forward to seeing you at Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas.

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