AccelerComm has been designing channel coding since 2016 and pioneered some of the first optimizations of channel coding for 3GPP compliant solutions, such as Turbo Codes.

What are Turbo codes?

Turbo Codes are a class of Forward Error Correction (FEC) codes. Turbo codes are a parallel concatenation of convolutional codes. They were adopted in 3G and 4G to achieve as close as possible to maximum channel capacity, also known as Shannon limits.

How did AccelerComm Optimize Turbo Codes?

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Rob Maunder, CTO - Turbo code demo for 4G URLLC

AccelerComm Turbo decoding IP core for the 3GPP LTE uplink and downlink used a novel architecture, which facilitates much higher degrees of parallel processing than competitor solutions without compromising hardware efficiency or error correction capability. Our IP had several parameters, which can be adjusted at synthesis-time to scale the parallelism, latency and throughput. AccelerComm enabled 10x improvements to latency, which satisfies the 7x reduction in processing time that is available in LTE URLLC compared to conventional LTE

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Does 5G NR use Turbo codes?

Modern wireless standards such as 5G no longer use the Turbo codes used in 3G and 4G but instead, use LDPC and Polar channel coding techniques. 

Does AccelerComm licence Turbo Codes?

AccelerComm today is focused on 5G NR Layer 1 PHY solutions that do not require Turbo codes, so we no longer licences Turbo however if you are looking to implement Turbo Decoder or want to know more, click the link below.



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Our complete pre integrated PxSCH IP solution simplifies the design of a high performance gNB and is highly configurable, offering very low latency, device area savings and easy integration.

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Our configurable LDPC solution offers an encoder and decoder with multiple algorithm support for optimal BLER performance, maximizing spectral efficiency.

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Our configurable Polar architecture is designed to provide excellent error correction performance within the minimum area. Providing superior hardware efficiency and reduced latency.

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