Originally developed with 5G NR in mind, AccelerComm's team 'busted the myth' that turbo decoders couldn't meet high throughput, low-latency channel coding challenges.

That is why we represent our turbo decoder with the fastest land animal (the cheetah) - our turbo decoder has the lowest latency of any (turbo) decoder on the planet!

Our decoder is fully compatible with all turbo encoders and offers 10X improvement in throughput and latency over competitive published solutions.

This makes it the obvious choice for the shorter TTI needed in LTE-A Pro, commonly called LTE URLLC.

Our turbo IP is available for hardware implementation in FPGA and ASIC.

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Turbo Decoder

Click here to receive the latest data sheet for implementation in Xilinx FPGA.

We can also create a data sheet for your specific process or FPGA, please contact us here to provide the specific data you require.



In market 5G NR test equipment using Accelercomm Polar IP

Spirent communication have partnered with National Instruments to create an extensible 5G NR test solution


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