AccelerComm named in EE Times Silicon 100: Emerging Startups to Watch

EE Times Silicon 100

University of Southampton Spin-Out Unveils Breakthrough 5G Cellular Optimization Technology Delivering Highest Throughput, Lowest Latency Forward Error Correction IP

Southampton, UK – July 14th, 2020

AccelerComm, the company supercharging 5G with Optimization and Latency Reduction IP, has been named in the EE Times Silicon 100 list of emerging electronics and semiconductor startups to watch. Now in its 20th edition, the list has this time expanded from the Silicon 60 to now list 100 companies from across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. The full list is available to view here.

5G communications, alongside machine learning, LiDAR and radar, are highlighted as strong themes in the Silicon 100, with VC investment identified as being increasingly attractive areas including the electronics powering 5G, Internet of Things, AI and connected vehicles.

AccelerComm is included in the Silicon 100 for its innovation as a semiconductor IP core company that provides channel coding solutions for 5G communication standards. Channel coding, also known as forward error correction, is used to correct transmission errors in mobile communications caused by noise, interference and poor signal strength. AccelerComm’s technology reflects a dramatic change in the direction of channel coding in mobile communications standards.

While 3G and 4G used Convolutional and Turbo codes for the control and data channels, 5G uses the much more sophisticated Polar and LDPC codes and requires the industry to look afresh at how to address error correction. If channel coding and the software stack associated is not well constructed the impact on mobile networks is poor capacity, poor data rates, poor coverage and poor quality of service. AccelerComm’s LDPC IP brings many years of experience in forward error correction to address this challenge in the 5G networks now being launched.

“The growing momentum behind 5G is also translating into greater awareness of the significant challenges that still remain when it comes to latency and power consumption – which are critical to the consumer experience and the 5G business case,” said Rob Barnes, VP Marketing, AccelerComm. “We are delighted that our company has been recognized by EE Times alongside a number of other innovative and high-profile vendors.”

About AccelerComm

AccelerComm is the company supercharging 5G with Optimization and Latency Reduction IP. It provides LDPC, polar and turbo FEC solutions which enable optimal performance of communication systems and solves the challenges that would otherwise limit the speed of 5G, namely the error correction decoding that is required to overcome the effects of noise, interference and poor signal strength. 

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