AccelerComm’s 5G Physical Layer IP Shortlisted at Small Cell Awards

SCF Small Cell Awards Finalist
Judges recognize AccelerComm in 'Outstanding Innovation in Chips or Components to Enable Small Cell Networks' category.

London, UK – 12th May 2021 

AccelerComm, the company supercharging 5G with IP which increases spectral efficiency and reduces latency, today announced that its ground-breaking 5G physical layer IP for Small Cells that maximises the capacity of spectrum has been shortlisted in the Outstanding Innovation in Chips or Components to Enable Small Cell Networks category at the annual Small Cell Industry Awards, organised by Small Cell Forum.

Low Density Parity Coding (LDPC) is a forward error correction scheme which helps to
counter the effects of noise and interference on the 5G signal. LDPC decoding is the most
computationally intensive part of a small cell, utilizing around 40% of the resources of the
High Phy, making it the most important thing to optimize. The algorithm and architecture
used to implement an LDPC decoder can change its performance dramatically – with a
profound impact on overall radio performance.

We are delighted that our technology has been recognised for such a high-profile,
prestigious awards alongside such illustrious competition.” Rob Barnes, VP Sales and Marketing at AccelerComm

AccelerComm has developed a portfolio of leading edge LDPC decoder IP for FPGA and ASIC which has been designed specifically for 5G New Radio, and optimized for performance, hardware resource, and power. The basic AccelerComm LDPC decoder cores enable an improvement of around 0.4 dB in effective receiver sensitivity, compared with the
use of a generic LDPC decoder.

Moreover, by adopting a holistic approach to the design of the PUSCH decoder chain, including channel estimation, MIMO equalization and LDPC decoder functions, the complete AccelerComm solution realizes a full 3 dB improvement in uplink receiver sensitivity.

“The complexity of 5G radio processing runs extremely deep, and requires orchestration and signal processing in multiple layers, including real-time processing of the radio signal itself,” said Rob Barnes, VP Sales and Marketing at AccelerComm. “Our LDPC decoder and other IP helps maximise the spectral efficiency of small cells, allowing operators to increase spectral efficiency and improving network performance and saving on infrastructure costs. 

The award winners were announced on May 13th at a virtual awards ceremony as part of
the Small Cells World Summit.

A full list of all the winners can be found here.

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