The Technical Challenges for Delivering Satellite 5G

Breaking Ground in Space-Technology

Integrating satellites into 5G networks for non-terrestrial applications introduces a set of unique challenges, with testing being a paramount concern. Unlike terrestrial scenarios, where radio engineers can be dispatched for on-site troubleshooting, the cost and risks associated with launching and maintaining satellites make it impossible to rely on traditional fixes. 
Commenting on the news, AccelerComm’s principal system test engineer David Harvey said:

"The past year has seen a growing momentum in taking 5G tech into space. Across the ecosystem, from technology vendors to equipment manufacturers to traditional cellular mobile operators and their satellite counterparts, the industry is aligning to put 5G in orbit—in the pursuit of global connectivity and enhanced communication capabilities. This offers the potential to expand coverage to remote and underserved regions, providing a robust alternative to terrestrial networks.

However, while this move brings a range of exciting new possibilities, it also delivers new, unique challenges not faced by traditional terrestrial 5G."  

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