Maximize your ROI in spectrum with an optimized radio physical layer

Optimized 5G network infographic

Maximizing spectral efficiency is critical to improving 5G network performance and enables mobile operators to get maximum value from scarce spectrum assets. An optimized physical layer design can make a dramatic difference.

We've created The Operator Highway - a downloadable infographic to help explain how AccelerComm IP optimizes the 5G network so you can meet your service and business requirements.

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The Operator Highway

Transferring data over mobile networks is like traffic on a busy highway, where –

  • Data (bits) are the passengers
  • Throughput (bits/s) is the number of passengers arriving per second
  • Latency (ms) is the time it takes to reach the destination
  • Bandwidth (Hz) is the number of lanes available
  • Spectral efficiency (bits/s/HZ) can be seen as a measure of the average throughput per lane of the highway

Standard 5G Network

Congestion caused by a low speed limit and unreliable cars, preventing passengers benefiting from the potential of the new highway.

5G network highway analogy diagram

  • Broken down vehicles cause bottlenecks and delays for passengers
  • Adding lanes could solve the problem, but land [spectrum] is costly and hard to acquire
  • As road conditions [channel quality] get worse, more cars breakdown, and congestion escalates

AccelerComm-optimized 5G Network

Maximum Spectral efficiency

All passengers are whisked to their destination in high-speed, reliable coaches.

Optimized 5G network highway analogy diagram

  • Speed limit increased, no blockages
  • Efficient high-speed vehicles carrying more passengers
  • Many more people are taken to their destinations in the same time on the same highway
  • This is always the case regardless of road conditions

AccelerComm's configurable IP enables you to realize the value of your operator highway


Best spectral efficiency in all conditions

The integrated design of the AccelerComm decoder chain, including LDPC, channel estimation and MIMO equalization functions realizes a full...

3dB improvement in uplink sensitivity


Most reliable performance

A unique algorithm removes the BLER floor experienced by other decoders, even at high signal to noise ratios. Ultra low BLER drives...

99.999% service availability


Fastest transport

AccelerComm IP supports scalable OFDM Numerologies, meaning the highest channel throughputs and lowest latencies are achieved.

Supporting all 5G NR numerologies

Our innovative LDPC architecture...


Reduces power usage

56% energy/bit saving


Reduces chip area

40% silicon area saving

To find out more about AccelerComm, how we're revolutionising cellular communications and maximizing spectral efficiency to meet 5G service and business requirements you can:

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