Lockheed Martin Prepares First 5G.MIL® Payload for Orbit

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First Regenerative Non-Terrestrial Network 5G Satellite Base Station Completes Final Demo Prior to Space Mission

AccelerComm Partner Announcement - 13th November 2023
Lockheed Martin recently announced that the company has completed a final demo of the first regenerative non-terrestrial network 5G Satellite Base Station. In 2024, in a self-funded mission, the company will launch this payload to orbit bringing 5G’s capabilities to the final frontier to prove its capability to connect the globe.
AccelerComm has been working with Lockheed Martin to help develop and integrate the regenerative 5G NTN HBS-Space system over the past 2 years. AccelerComm provided an advanced 5G NTN Layer 1 PHY solution, developed to support Lockheed Martin’s system requirements and space flight hardware specifications. 
Commenting on the news, AccelerComm’s CEO Tom Cronk said:

"5G satellite communication promises to unlock a whole new world of services and applications for government organisations and individuals, and we are proud to have worked with Lockheed Martin and its partners on delivering this vision. A space-deployed, scalable 3GPP Release 17 compatible 5G gNodeB proves that 5G NTN communications is a reality. AccelerComm’s LEOphy delivers higher data rates with reduced power and has dedicated features to overcome the specific challenges of NTN channels. We look forward to continuing our partnership, and to further developing advanced 5G Layer 1 NTN solutions that deliver the robustness, latency, and throughput that are critical to the success of 5G in space."  

Read the full article on our strategic collaboration with Lockheed Martin.

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