Are you interested in testing our FlexRAN LDPC Software Decoder?  

An evaluation version of our FlexRAN LDPC Software Decoder is available. 

This upgrade applies algorithmic and architectural enhancements to the source code of the FlexRAN LDPC decoder, this offers throughput improvements by as much as 2.6x, while maintaining comparable error correction performance to the FlexRAN LDPC decoder. Supporting both AVX-2 and AVX-512.

LDPC Software features;

  • Fully compliant with the 3GPP New Radio standard for PDSCH, PUSCH

  • Supports the full range of uncoded and encoded block sizes

  • Implements the LDPC decoding core in 3GPP TS38.212

  • High error correction performance

  • Simple interface, quick to integrate – all parameters are internally calculated

Product Information

For product introduction of AccelerComm LDPC and related downloads, please refer to the product page here.

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