ZCU111 Reference Platform Demo

Maurice Tucker discusses AccelerComm's reference platform running on the Xilinx ZCU111 board.

ZCU111 Xilinx reference platform

The reference platform shown running here is running on the Xilinx ZCU111 board, it uses an RFSoC device.

The reference platform has been developed by AccelerComm to allow for ‘integration in a day’. It is plug and play via PCI-express, and when coupled with the provided drivers and example applications, the customer can immediately achieve our high performance points and error correction capability.

Here, we are showing the reference platform demonstrating LDPC encoding and LDPC decoding. Accelercomm has two flavours of its LDPC solution. One is its own “in house” high speed architecture, the other is Xilinx’s SD-FEC which is on our RFSoC and we build around this our chain components.

On the ZCU111, the reference platform can allow integration of the PCI-express, DMA, memory controller for HARQ, while leaving space for customer designs.

The reference platform can also be used with Accelercomm's Polar encode and Polar decode products, as well as Accelercomm’s up and coming new product for transport blocks – this is transport block encoding and transport block decoding.

To find out more about our reference platform, please contact info@accelercomm.com

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