Testimonial - Raghu M Rao, Director - Wired and Wireless Communications Group AMD

Partner testimonial video from Raghu M Rao, Director of Wired and Wireless Communications Group AMD

"So we are involved in a whole bunch of different things, but our particular group, the Wired Wireless Communications Group, is focused on 5G cellular and wireless communication infrastructure product and also the Wired Communication products.

As part of that, we are developing a 5G vRAN system and AccelerComm is providing us with acceleration IP on our Telco Accelerator cards. 

They're an excellent partner. The one thing that I can tell you about AccelerComm, is the high quality of their products. The out-of-the-box experience has always been superb . Whether it is us showing demos, or our customers trying to set up their own demos, or their own evaluations of our product, it's been superb. Very professionally done, very professional team, easy to work with. And they're great. They're great partners."

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