Testimonial - Paul Sutton, CEO of Software Radio Systems

Partner testimonial video from Paul Sutton, CEO of Software Radio Systems 

"Hi, I'm Paul Sutton. I'm the CEO of Software Radio Systems. So at Software Radio Systems, we provide full-stack software solutions for both 4G and 5G, both UE and gNodeB. 

We specialize in high-value performance networks. We do a lot of work in Air-to-Ground networks and Low Earth Orbit satellite networks. Those use cases require quite a high degree of flexibility, quite a high degree of customization and of course, high performance.

AccelerComm has been a key partner in providing that flexibility in order to meet the performance requirements we need for our customers. The relationship has been excellent.

So because of the nature of our business where we customize our solutions very specifically for our customers, there's been a lot of engineering back and forth between ourselves and AccelerComm. So quite often, we will need to tailor both their and our solutions to the specific requirements of a given customer."

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