AccelerComm's product roadmap to complete PHY solutions

"Hello, my name is Eric Dowek, I’m the Segment Marketing Director at AccelerComm and today I was just going to give you a very brief insight into the AccelerComm Marketing Strategy and Roadmap.

The important thing is that the 5G new radio is central to the performance of 5G. It impacts the cost, the performance and the capacity of the network. Traditional vendors have recognized this, and they understand that they needed to invest heavily into the 5G radio. AccelerComm has come into being because open RAN vendors do not have that same capacity and resource, and so we've been able to step in fill that gap and provide IP that enables them to compete on a level playing field with those tier one vendors.

Today AccelerComm has a portfolio of LDPC decoders and encoders, Polar decoders and encoder, MIMO equalization and channel estimation IP. The LDPC decoders are designed specifically for low latency, high throughput, high reliability applications and these have been successfully rolled out in a number of silicon implementations. The MIMO equalization and channel estimation IP is now being designed as a holistic part of the LDPC receiver chain, in order to boost receiver sensitivity and enable high spectral efficiency for operator networks.


The next step for AccelerComm is to build those IP blocks into complete physical layer solutions.

So we're expecting 1.2 million small cells deployed by 2025 and of these, we expect around half will be split six architecture, and half will be split 7.2x architecture.

What AccelerComm is doing is developing two in-line PHY-Solutions, one targeted specifically at split six (small cell) architecture, the other targeted at split 7.2x architecture.

The reason for this is to provide a suite of complete locked-down, tested solutions for our customers, to enable them to bring our technology our innovative technology into the market as swiftly and painlessly as possible for them."

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