In market 5G NR test equipment using AccelerComm Polar IP

5GNR test equipment using AccelerComm Polar IP
In partnership with Spirent

Spirent communication have partnered with National Instruments to create an extensible 5G NR test solution. This product uses the AccelerComm channel coding IP.

In market 5G NR test equipment using Accelercomm Polar IP

Hello, My name’s Robert Barnes, I’m VP of sales and marketing at AccelerComm. 

I’m excited to be here today at the mobile world congress, standing on the Spirent communication stand where we’re finding out more about their 5G test equipment that they’ve developed in collaboration with national instruments and some AccelerComm IP.

Hi i’m with the Spirent booth of Mobile World Congress this year and we’re excited to be introducing a new 5g network emulator. It builds upon the ones we’ve founded for 2G, 3G, 4G in the past. 

All the automation you’ve gotten used to and for 5G we did something special, we partnered with National Instruments: a state-of-the-art software defined radio. 

The product itself with that hardware is actually proven in the field for over three to four years and has plugs that will go up to 28 gigs In the future. 

We’ll be doing the traditional testing on top and particularly on 5G we’re looking forward to the rigors of mission critical testing for things other than cell phones, such as drones, navigation, instrumentation, pipelines, and higher reliability, higher value services that are the foundation of the future of 5G in the marketplace. 

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