How AccelerComm makes LDPC decoding easy

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In the following video, AccelerComm CTO Rob Maunder explains some core difficulties of LDPC decoding, and how we deal with them.

Video Transcript:

In contrast to solutions that are provided elsewhere, AccelerComm's IP blocks contain not only the core of LPDC coding, or Turbo decoding, Polar decoding, but also all the peripherals that go with that. Things like CRC, and HARQ, and rate matching.

These things, they're very difficult to integrate if they're not provided because there's lot of different parts to them, they're very fiddly. Require a lot of person effort to build them and integrate them. There's other challenges as well, like in LPDC decoding, there's managing the HARQ (the Hybrid ARQ).

This requires a very high throughput interface into a large memory, and if this bandwidth is not managed correctly, then it bottle necks the throughput of the whole system. Integration with memory is very, very challenging and it's a part of the puzzle we are taking on.

Our reference solutions include all of the HARQ management, all of the memory, all of the interfaces, in one single package.


We have produced data briefs that characterize the performance of the decoder across a wide variety of different scenarios.

These can be found within our downloads section.


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