Choosing a Forward Error Correction IP

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So there are a number of things that have to be considered when selecting FEC IP.

Chief among those, I would suggest, is the performance of that IP. How well it performs in terms of error correction capability, the block error rate, for example. But also the hardware performance, so the throughput, the latency.

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The first question is, how well tuned is the performance to the particular application? Another one is what features does that IP come with?

Does it support the CRC and the rate matching, and the Hybrid ARQ that comes together with channel coding and other base band components? So the features are important.

And then, how easy is it to integrate the IP, so that there's no bottlenecks and performance loss?

There a number of things that have to be considered when selecting FEC IP. So I'd say chief among those, is the performance. So not just the performance in terms of error correction capability, but also the hardware performance, the throughput, the latency, the hardware usage as well.

A big question is how well tuned, well optimized, is that IP for the application? Another one would be what features are included with the IP?

AccelerComm IP is not just about the core, the fundamental part of the processing, but also the peripherals that come with it, the chain components, like CRC, and HARQ, and rate matching as well.

A third thing to consider is how easy is it to integrate that IP? Does the interface have a nice simple format and are there APIs provided to make that integration simple?

We have produced data briefs that characterize the performance of the decoder across a wide variety of different scenarios.

These can be found within our downloads area.

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