Hear from Tom Cronk, CEO, about AccelerComm's Vision

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The vision for AccelerComm is to become the global leader in the supply of forward error correction, channel coding solutions and to really be at the forefront of high performance digital communications.

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The big part of the vision for the team is to grow that center of excellence here in the UK, in Southampton and to really bring to fulfillment that original vision that Rob had when he left the university to found the company around his PhD research team. We're bringing in a lot of senior engineering expertise again from companies like Qualcomm and Ericsson, and Arm to really help us hone complete product deliverables and really broaden the width of the product roadmap that we offer.

We take our IP and target the traditional hard coded semiconductor devices, which people call system-on-chips or ASICS so we can take our algorithms there. We can go to the additional FPGA implementation, so these are silicon devices that are field programmable and you will typically find them in big network infrastructure and mobile base stations and things like that. But we also target purely software implementations so just run on standard processors.

We are already very active in the 3GPP standard process so we're right up front in contributing to the standardization of some of these techniques but as the standards become more evolved, broader and more complex, you'll start to enter a world where really, the correct implementation of these systems requires massive collaborations and partnerships.

Any particular element now, the complexity of it can be so great that it requires real focus and we never, ever compromise on quality so if you implement a AccelerComm's channel coded solution, you know that you will be implementing the absolute best that possibly can be achieved in terms of quality of signal throughput with significant benefit and performance.

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