5G NR Polar and LDPC Channel Codes for Cellular Communications

5GNR and LDPC from AccelerComm

AccelerComm is an IP company, we work on hardware acceleration IP for signal processing in mobile communications with particular focus on channel coding, and channel coding is used to correct transmission errors in cellular communications which are caused by noise, interference and poor signal strength.

We’ve just seen a very dramatic change in the direction of channel coding in mobile communication standards. So 3G and 4G use convolutional and turbo codes for the control and data channels, but 5G is going with polar codes and LDPC codes for these and all the previous thinking that people have had about these well established topics now goes out the window and it’s starting from scratch.

We've been working on all these different types of code for many, many years. We've built up lots of experience, lots of expertise in the algorithmic and hardware acceleration aspects.

We’re developing IP for hardware acceleration channel coding that has really high performance and this is really necessary to get the best out of the whole system of mobile communications.

If the channel codings not working very well then you get poor capacity, poor data rates, poor coverage and poor quality of service, so it's a really important topic.

We've been working on these channel coding techniques for many, many years. We've developed a lot of expertise, a lot of experience, we've published a lot of out work; reference models, papers, contributions to the 3GPP standardization process which is where these standards are set and this expertise is really needed to develop the kind of high performance solutions that deliver on the full capability of these networks and you can't get this information just by reading the standards, they don't include the important information needed to get the best performance.

Successive iterations of the standards have become more and more complicated and the polar and LDPC codes which we've got this time compared with the convolution of turbo codes of 3g and 4g are much more sophisticated and it's taken us many, many years to develop the experience, the expertise that we now have in these areas and other companies, unless they've been working on them as long as we have, they won't be able to get this information and expertise so quickly.

Our team is really excited about the opportunity we have now to make a really big impact on the world of mobile communications.

These new challenges, these new problems that have been introduced by new standards, they’re opportunities for us to show the world what we can do and we're really looking forward to helping our clients and our customers to benefit from this potential.

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