Different companies and markets have different objectives, do any of these strike a chord for you?

Polar & LDPC for 5G NR, Turbo for LTE

  • Are you wanting a longer battery life?
    • AccelerComm’s channel coding solutions can reduce the processing needed to decode your data, thereby reducing battery loading and increasing battery life
  • Do you want to reduce the BOM of your handset?
    • Our decoding solution has very low latency, freeing up time for the other parts of the processing, enabling them to be completed with a smaller chip area. This translates into lower cost handsets
  • Are you looking for synergies with 3G, 4G, and 5G networks?
    • AccelerComm’s Turbo decoding solution is fully compatible with all previous Turbo encoding/decoding solutions. 4.5G solutions may use parallel turbo decoders, causing long latency. Our solution has very low latency, which provides more time for the other parts of the processing, allowing them to be completed consuming less power
    • Our Polar implementation is a compliant 3GPP compliant chain for 5G NR
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  • Would you like to improve video playback?
    • AccelerComm’s optimised decoding solution can support throughput at 5G levels, allowing opportunistic forward buffering when the channel conditions are favourable, giving a better user experience
  • Are you fed up with glitches, delays and interruptions when you’re playing games or using online applications?
    • AccelerComm’s Turbo decoding solution has reduced latency by 10X over 4G requirements, meaning these ‘features’ of online activity should be a thing of the past!
    • LDPC supports high-performance 5G networks
  • Operators, would you like to increase ARPU for free?!
    • By using AccelerComm’s compliant decoding solution, we can execute the decoding faster (lower latency)
  • Were you caught out by 3GPP's decision on 5G NR control channel coding scheme?
    • AccelerComm have encode and decode IP solutions for 5G NR


In market 5G NR test equipment using Accelercomm Polar IP

Spirent communication have partnered with National Instruments to create an extensible 5G NR test solution


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Organisations we work with


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