Different companies and markets have different objectives, do any of these strike a chord for you?

  • Operators, would you like to increase your capacity?
    • AccelerComm’s Turbo decoding solution can increase the performance of your 4G / 4.5G equipment by supporting 5G throughput in the same space, driving higher ARPU and delaying CAPEX
  • Base station OEMs, how would you like to reduce the cost of your basestation by over 10%?
    • With AccelerComm’s Turbo decoding solution we can halve the cost of the digital solution, (which is about 50% of the total cost), call us to find out how.
  • It’s often claimed that turbo coding is the limiting factor in LTE - call us, we can explain how an AccelerComm’s Turbo decoding solution can dispel this myth
    • A basestation developed using AccelerComm’s Turbo decoding solution, will not only have higher throughput, lower latency and more flexibility than other solutions, it will also decrease the complexity of the devices in which it is used…
  • Were you caught out by 3GPP's decision on 5G NR control channel coding scheme?
    • AccelerComm will have encode and decode IP solutions in 2017


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