AccelerComm Optimised Channel Coding IP for Defense Systems.

  • AccelerComm’s Turbo, LDPC and Polar decoder can be optimised using proprietary parameters to maximise power, performance tradeoff to provide stronger error correction
  • The very high throughput of AccelerComm’s decoders negates the need to interface parallel decoders, this can have a big impact on your download performance e.g. Video
  • When trying to control autonomous systems or vehicles, minimising latency is critical to the user experience and to ensure immediate response…AccelerComm’s Turbo decoder has sub 1µs latency and has Polar URLLC solutions for 5G (LDPC in development)
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  • Reducing power (chip area) is always a requirement in any system, AccelerComm’s decoder’s low latency releases more latency budget for other parts of the system, which can be reduced in area (and consequently power).
    • We can design decoders targetted at your specific requirements and by removing flexibility minimise area and massively reduce power


In market 5G NR test equipment using Accelercomm Polar IP

Spirent communication have partnered with National Instruments to create an extensible 5G NR test solution


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