Looking forward to seeing you at Silicon Valley Space Week!

17th October - 20th October 2023

We are attending both Satellite Innovation and MilSat Symposium during Silicon Valley Space Week 2023.

Come and speak to us at Booth 27. 

We will be demonstrating a 5G Software Defined Radio for LEO constellations. 

The event details:

Satellite Innovation: October 17th - 18th - https://2023.satelliteinnovation.com 

MilSat Symposium: October 19th - 20th  -https://2023.milsatshow.com

For both events, our demonstration and information will cover:

  • AccelerComm’s ‘SWaP-C’ optimized 5G NTN L1 LEOphy delivering ultra-low latency Satellite communications.
      • AccelerComm have partnered with TTP, RF-DSP & Radisys to deliver a complete 5G NTN RAN reference solution. This high bandwidth solution will support a large number of beams for high subscriber density and will be delivered on a space-hardened platform designed to exceed demanding 5G NTN and SWaP-C requirements.  It includes a range of advanced developments in the areas of beam-to-cell mapping, beam forming, NTN beam management and well-defined interfaces to SATCOM infrastructure.

Looking forward to seeing you there soon!

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