Webinar - The Challenges & Opportunities Satellite 5G

We have seen a revolution in the thinking around the potential for 5G applications but while there are considerable opportunities, there are also several challenges.

The past few weeks have seen a raft of industry developments combing satellite and traditional mobile communications, including the iPhone 14 launch and the T-Mobile Starlink announcement. It’s clear that constellations of 5G satellites are set to play a vital role in completing the technology and connectivity ecosystem addressing critical connectivity challenges, such as data speed and coverage limitations as well as fulfilling the needs of a wide range of emerging use cases. We have seen a revolution in the thinking around the potential for 5G applications but while there are considerable opportunities, there are also several challenges.


This recorded webinar, with AccelerComm’s CTO Rob Maunder and leading industry analyst and expert Tim Farrar, President of TMF Associates, provides a deep dive into the market and considers the best technical, strategic and regulatory approaches involved in designing and launching 5G satellite services. It provides a comprehensive overview of the key issues surrounding this market, it:

  • Details the market landscape for satellite 5G including:  5G standards and Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) and the state of the current LEO broadband market, including key technology issues in current systems.
  • Provides an overview of direct-to-handset: re-use of satellite frequencies vs ad hoc terrestrial spectrum use (AST), pros and cons of each approach.
  • Outlines the market motivations and use cases for full 5G and the technical and regulatory challenges and current geopolitical considerations.
  • Explains lessons that can be learned from prior attempts at offering cellular service from space including funding needs, and performance shortfalls.


The webinar also provides a detailed technical overview of the 5G radio challenges and techniques that can be used to improve ‘receive sensitivity’ as well as AccelerComm’s Layer 1 solutions for Space applications.

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