5G NR Polar channel coding on x86 and AVX512 only

In this demo you can see the performance of the 5G NR Polar channel code implementation from Accelercomm that uses clever optimisation technics on algorithmic implementation and software compilation.

Video Transcript:

Hi i’m Matt and this is our Polar Software Solution, running on Intel processors using the AVX-512 instruction sets to offer four times improvements in throughput compared to our competitors.

We’ve combined expertise in channel coding with our knowledge of the Intel instruction sets to achieve single microsecond agencies.

As you can see from my demo we offer a .5DB improvement in error correction performance, whilst offering two to four times in throughput and latency across the full range of parameters, whilst implementing the full chain to ease the implementation of our customers solutions.

The product is ready to be deployed so please get in touch if you’re interested in software channel coding solutions

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