‘Christmas is coming…and so is RAN #78!

In 4 weeks time, 18th December 2017, the great and the good of the 3GPP world will gather in Lisbon to add some festive cheer to the 5G NR specification...freezing many of the standards that will make up Release 15.

I've been given a beer advent calendar for next month. I'm not sure what I'm expecting behind the 18th door, but when 3GPP decided back in March 2017 to pull forward the initial release of the standard, they triggered a major push by all the major players to be seen to have something in doors 19 onwards.

Whilst you could be forgiven for thinking 5G was already here from all the column inches written about trials and all the interoperability testing going on, the final pieces of the 5G NR spec will fall into place next week in Reno, enabling Rel 15 to herald the launch of 'Non-Standalone' 5G NR

Don't expect any (real) 5G products in your stocking on Christmas morning, the best you can hope for is a gift voucher, to be used in the coming 12-24 month...


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