• 5g will empower the internet of thingsOur game-changing approach supports any degree of parallel processing, solving all four problems, (higher throughput, lower latency, improved error correction capability and flexibility). It maintains compatibility with any turbo encoder, ensuring synergy with older standards and future proofing of those to come
  • Our turbo decoder implementation is compatible with any turbo encoder design, including designs optimized for error correction capability, (rather than ease of turbo decoder implementation)

Scalable for different devices

  • From Internet of Things, handsets, cloud computing to basestations. The parallelism can be elegantly scaled in our implementation to make best use of any amount of available hardware.
  • Preserves existing investment in turbo coding. Billions of Dollars of investment has already gone into turbo-coding.  Our invention allows this investment to be preserved whilst still delivering higher throughput, lower latency, better error correction capability and flexibility


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